Classes Intro



Classes Intro


We look forward to the 2018-2019 school year as we celebrate what God has provided this previous school year! 

Enroll in as many or as few courses as you wish. Over 167 families met each Wednesday this past school year. We are eager to reunite with them this fall and meet new friends as we have space available! 

Classes meet at Lighthouse Church from September - May. Parents and students may hang out in our popular study hall between classes or drop off and return.

We have partnered with an exceptional array of top notch tutors to provide you with 60 core and elective courses for preschool through adult. In addition to courses, enjoy choices such as field trips, parties, workshops, benevolence, the homeschool Christian Prom which was recently attended by 250 high school students. Other options are scrip fundraising, scholarships and much more! Although all our administrators and instructors are dedicated Christians, our services are open to all regardless of faith.

Course Descriptions

Course Listing & Descriptions

Course Descriptions

Course Listing & Descriptions

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Anderson, Dianna
2018 High School Chemistry 9th-12th Grades
2018 Physical Science 9th-12th Grades

Dr. Anderson, Eric
2018 High School Biology 9th-12th Grades

Boelman, Andrea
2018 The Book Nook, Grades 5-8

Bond, Barry
2018 Martial Arts

Brigham, Barry MA, LLP, LPC
As a Kid Thinks! Positive Parenting Strategies for Kids of All Ages!

Blackburn, Robin
2018 Fun with Sports & Fitness, 3rd-6th grades

Bowron, Traci
2018 Yearbook, Photography & Publishing, 9th-12th grades

Brown, Shannon
2018 Lego Club - Age 5-9
2018 TLC Scouts - Age 5-10

Bulley, Dan
2018 The Dan Bulley Soccer School - All Ages

Daisy, Sarah
2018 Global Art 1st - 3rd Grades
2018 Early Explorers, Ages 4-7

Dickerson, Carol
2018 Drama 6th-12th Grades
2018 Language Arts 1 - High School
2018 Time Travel History Through Literature for 6th-8th Grades
2018 Middle School Earth Science 6th - 8th Grades

Doyle, Ryan
2018 Biblical Adulting, High School

Farmer, Connie
2018 Just Write It Down! Elementary Language Arts 3rd-5th & Advanced 2nd Grades
2018 Middle School Language Arts! 6th- 8th Grades
2018 High School Language Arts 2 10th- 12th Grades

Grimmer, Cindy
Homeschool Help - Contact for more information regarding this free service
2018 Fun with Math Facts 3 years old - 1st Grade
2018 Math & Periodic Table Games! 3rd - 8th grades

Grupp, Amy 
Science! K-2nd Grades
Music Explorations 2- 5 years
Math Games Co-teacher 3 years -1st grades

Guidry, Garyl
2018 Accounting 10th-12th grades

Halton, Bronwyn
2018 High School Government, 9th-12th grades

Johnson, Krystin
2018 Montessori Early Education! Little Arrows 3 - 6 year old

Jordan, Tina
2018 Reading Excellence - 3rd-6th Grade

Keiser, Dale
2018 High School Physics

MacQuarrie, Sue
2018 Creative Dance, ages 3-5
2018 Urban/Jazz Dance, Ages 10 & up
2018 Princess Ballerina - Ages 3-5
2018 Ballet & Praise - Ages 6-12
2018 Musical Theatre Dance - Ages 6-12

Maybee, Steve
2018 Intro to Psychology, 10th-12th Grades

Mom, Sherese
2018 Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello: Traditional and Suzuki Private & Group Lessons - All Ages

Moore, Angie
2018 Middle School Mixed Media Art, 5th-8th grades
2018 High School Art: Drawing & Mixed Media, 8th-12th grades

Ohland, Sarah
2018 Pre-Algebra - 6th-9th Grade
2018 Geometry - 9th-12th Grade
2018 Algebra 1 - 8th-12th Grade
2018 Algebra 2 - 9th-12th Grade

Olson, Kristen
2018 Physical Education - 7th-12th Grade

Polstra, Patricia
2018 A Year of Yarn, 6th grade - adult
2018 Earth Science, 3rd-5th grades

Rudd, Brittany
2018 American Girl 1st-4th Grade
2018 USA Kids History, Geography and Literature 2nd-5th Grade
2018 Out of the Box Art 2nd-4th Grade

Saba, Natalia
2018 Spanish - 4th-7th Grade
2018 Conversation and Composition Spanish. All ages
2018 Spanish 1 - High School
2018 Spanish 2 - High School
2018 Spanish 3 - High School

Tim & Gail, True
2018 Basketball, Volleyball, and Baseball 11-16 year olds

Valkema, Colleen
2018 Power Hour Exercise - Adult & Teen

Warford, Tim
2016 History Through Music, 9th-12th Grades

Webb, Peter
2018 WorshipArts Private Music Lessons - Age 6+

Walker, Will
2018 Drum, Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Mandolin, Song Writing, Recording

Watson, Jean
2018 Private Piano and Voice Lessons