With the exception of music lessons, most TLC tutors have set tuition at an average of $275 per year (around $137.50 per semester) although some variance exists and does not include reasonable additional supply or copy expense fees. Course tuition and fees are paid directly to the tutor at the beginning of each semester. A nonrefundable deposit of $15 per student per class is collected at registration to hold your seat. The deposit is deducted from the tuition due in January.

Administrative fees
As with any other program, TLC incurs operational expenses. It is our earnest goal to charge reasonable fees for anticipated expenses.  In the case excess monies are collected, they are donated to the Need-Based Scholarship Fund.

Two types of administrative fees are collected annually:

  • Family Administrative Fee ($50 per family per year):  This fee helps cover some operational expenses such as AV equipment, professional fees, chairs, partiesand much more.  Please note this fee due at registration.  There are no refunds of this fee. 
  • Student Use Fee ($25 per student per class per year):  This fee is used for a variety of purposes including facility use fees, committee budgets and much more. All TLC instructors will pay this fee from the fall tuition they collect from you. 
  • Any excess funds are invested back into our community primarily through scholarships, parent programs, etc. TLC is a nonprofit ministry of Lighthouse Church. 


An important part of the TLC's mission is to provide financial support to our families.  We care about the financial burden that can be acquired through educational costs, and therefore have established the Need-Based Scholarship Fund and the Scrip Program.

Need-Based Scholarship Fund
This fund provides scholarships to needy students and families to help cover their tuition costs.  Apply via email. The confidential application process is respectful and not intrusive. Scholarships are distributed in October and January.

Donations for this fund are gratefully accepted.  Donations can be made by check or cash, or by applying your Scrip earnings.  Please
note, TLC is a ministry-minded, nonprofit organization;  if there are any excess funds they will be returned to our local homeschool

Scrip Program
The Scrip Program is not need based. It provides all families with a way to earn money back through their normal shopping.  It is possible to earn more money through this program in one year than the average student's annual tuition.

What is Scrip?
Scrip is a wonderful program in which you purchase retail gift cards through TLC to pay for your normal everyday purchases (like gas and
groceries).  You may preorder your cards online at and pick up your cards at TLC the following Wednesday, or you may purchase cards on Wednesdays at TLC from our Cash & Carry Scrip Store table.  Each card purchased earns a rebate which is credited to TLC.   The amount of the rebate varies from retailer to retailer.  Unlike most organizations, TLC returns most of the rebate your purchases earn back to you, keeping only 1% of the total amount purchased for administrative costs.   Your rebate earnings accumulate into a quarterly earnings check from TLC to you. These earnings checks are issued in January, May, and September of each year.

Example:  You purchase a $100 gift card to Old Navy.  Old Navy rebates 14% of the purchase price ($14) to TLC.  TLC keeps 1% ($1) and returns the remainder ($13) back to you. For more information about the script program visit

TLC is a full service Scrip program offering Presto Pay, Scrip Now, Reload, Presto Pay Point Program and our popular Cash and Carry Scrip Store. Please note: Presto Pay is the preferred payment system that allows you to track your earnings online, use Scrip Now, use Reload, and earn Presto Pay Points.

Here is how you can be involved in SCRIP

  1. Request to be a part of the TLC email loop. Families who are on this email loop stay informed regarding ordering periods, which will vary during the spring and summer months. Send an email to to be added to this email loop.
  2. During the school term, all orders can be made electronically or can be dropped off and picked up during TLC operating hours at Lighthouse Community Church. 

For more information send us a message.


Many hours of prayer and reflection have gone into dividing the responsibilities necessary to complete the diverse needs of this co-op community. We have a deep desire to respect Matthew 11:30 which states, “My yoke is easy and My burden is light." Our goal is to structure family responsibilities in a way that encourages a cooperative, unified spirit, minimizes burdens, and allows us to complete necessary tasks. Please join TLC in recognizing the importance of the spiritual and physical contributions every individual makes to the TLC experience.

Spiritual Responsibilities of TLC Families
TLC families are asked to embrace the following truths regarding our spiritual responsibilities to one another:

"Above all, love each other deeply." 1 Peter 4:8 - May our motives and actions be tempered with love.
"Mercy triumphs over judgment." James 2:12 - Be wary of expecting others to be duplicates of ourselves. Seek to value the wide range of talents and unique abilities God is growing in one another.
"Don't grumble against each other brothers or you will be judged." James 5:9 - Privately take issues to the person you are having a problem with instead of spreading negativity. Stop the pain of gossip and slander. If you do not have something nice to say then please don't say it.
"Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it." 1 Corinthians 12: 27 - You are a special part of the TLC community. We are depending upon you to do your part.

Physical Responsibilities of TLC Families: Committees
What does family involvement entail at TLC? Each parent and student chooses a committee that best characterizes the type of work they are most likely enjoy and that fits their interests and availability.  We have received feedback that the TLC committee process is an enjoyable and non-burdensome way to contribute, and build friendships.  We ask parents to serve two hours per month in their committee responsibility. Some choose to serve more, others less. The work load is determined by the job you choose. Some jobs can be done from home. Others alongside a group.

Students are a very important part of the TLC co-op experience. They contribute to their larger community by choosing committees that match their needs and interests. We have been blessed with students who have been taught to care and generously lend a hand at TLC. We honor and respect your efforts to train them to serve their communities.

We trust you will find your tasks to be a lighthearted and fun service as you contribute to the welfare of the larger TLC Community.

Guidelines for Committee Assignments

  1. Each student and parent will have the opportunity to choose a committee from the choices listed below. You will be asked to rank 3 choices by your personal preference.
  2. Committee assignments are based on availability and are made on a first-come first-served basis. Once a committee is full, your alternate choices will be considered. Essential committees will be filled first.
  3. Parents may choose to opt out of committee responsibilities by paying $160.00 which will pay the wages for someone to cover the their responsibilities.
  4. Student committees are filled by students who are in middle and high school
  5. Parent committee responsibilities involve an average of approximately 2 hours of work per month.  Student responsibilities will not interfere with course work and can typically be completed within an average of fifteen minutes