Registration for 2019-20 will be held in person at Lighthouse Church on Wednesday, May 15th according to the following schedule:

1:00-2:00 Returning TLC families with a priority registration ticket obtained at our open house (NOTE: TLC tutors, administrators and committee heads register prior to the 1:00 block so their children have class while they serve the TLC community)

2:00-3:00 Returning TLC families without a priority registration ticket AND new families with a priority registration ticket

3:00-4:00 Anyone may register

The 2019-20 Schedule and Class descriptions are available for you to view on this website under the ‘Classes’ tab.


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Parent's Name
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Phone Number


Fill out this form for each student taking classes. Click "Submit" to pull up a form for additional students. You only have to fill out the "Family Information" form once. 

Student Name *
Student Name
Use grade the student entering this fall. Use "PreK" for students who are younger than Kindergarten.
Classes Please do not use the form below. It will be updated soon to reflect the 2019-20 class schedule *
Select the courses you are interested in. We will confirm availability and contact you with the next step.