To sign up for courses send us an email or fill out the 2 simple forms below. We will contact you so can choose your volunteer committee responsibility. With exception of the SCRIP committee, your volunteer role will require 2 hours or less per month. 

Sign up is brisk. Some classes are already on a waiting list. Other classes have seats available on a first-come first-serve basis. 

Emails are sent to continue your registration and to provide you with details regarding deposits. Your enrollment is confirmed when your deposit is received provided a seat is available in the course you are requesting. 

Typical response time is two days but may be as long as one week depending upon the activity level of our volunteers. Send us a message with any questions. 


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Parent's Name
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Fill out this form for each student taking classes. Click "Submit" to pull up a form for additional students. You only have to fill out the "Family Information" form once. 

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Student Name
Use grade the student entering this fall. Use "PreK" for students who are younger than Kindergarten.
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Select the courses you are interested in. We will confirm availability and contact you with the next step.